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Erva and Yerba Mate are made up of the same and components, leaves, branches and leaf powder.

The Erva is fresh and green, and that's how it tastes. It is drunk immediately after drying, the fresher the better. This way of drinking fresh mate tea is mainly found in Brazil.

The yerba is ripe and green-grey, it tastes a bit more hay ... tart. It is stored for at least 12 months after harvesting and drying. Drinking this type of aged mate tea is mainly found in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

You can also infuse caamate cold very well, this type is particularly widespread in Paraguay. Cold-brewed mate is called tereré, with an emphasis on the last é. Tereré has a much milder taste and is not quite as stimulating. Mate poured cold is a healthy, invigorating refreshment on hot summer days. Best ice cold, with ice cubes, fruit juice and fresh herbs. Mint, lemongrass, orange juice or freshly squeezed lime are particularly good...

Mate is a natural product, the caffeine content varies somewhat, depending on the variety it is between 0.7 and 1.7%. Yerba and Erva Mate are our mildest varieties, with around 0.7% caffeine. With around 1.7%, raw mate is the most caffeine-rich variety in our range. How much of the caffeine is released from the leaves depends on the steeping time and the water temperature. Try it and see what feels good for you. Hot water releases more caffeine from the leaves in the same amount of time than cold water. As an example, a short brewing time of approx. 1 minute with water that is as hot as possible creates a particularly invigorating infusion. The same steeping time with cold water would have a much smaller effect.

There is no general answer for this. We know people who have been drinking 2-4 liters of mate a day for decades and they are doing great, including me. Be careful with yourself, feel into yourself and decide how much mate is good for you. Mate is not the same as mate, there are big differences in the effect depending on the origin, cultivation method and drying process.
If you pour a mate over and over again and don't fill it with fresh leaves, then at some point you'll only drink water. If you put fresh leaves in every infusion, you will have a much stronger effect.

If you don't like it that bitter, only let your mate steep for a very short time and pour it up more often. In addition, you can also dose a little weaker, then the infusion will automatically be milder.

Of course you can use your caamate. also great with a tea strainer, a tea egg or a French press. A bombilla is wonderful and it is a lot of fun to drink mate with it, but you can also do without it :-)

You can just pour the water through the leaves or let them steep for several hours. The taste and effect are then very different.

Anyone hoping for a relatively round taste and a stimulating effect from the infusions should let caamate steep for about 1-2 minutes at about 70-100 degrees. The hotter the water, the more stimulating the infusion.

Important: Hot drinks should never touch the mouth and throat at temperatures hotter than approx. 70 degrees. If necessary, let it cool down again before pouring.

Traditionally, mate is poured on so often that it no longer tastes good.

You can do the same thing by infusing mate tea in a tea infuser or French press. As a tea with a good taste experience, you can pour mate about 2-3 times. The varieties are also different, roasted mate is often very mild from the 3rd infusion, classic mate tea or yerba and erva mate can tolerate more infusions.

You can put the bombilla in the dishwasher or just rinse it with clear water.

Every few months you can also boil your bombillas for about 5 minutes with some washing soda, 1 tbsp to 1 liter. After that it shines again and deposits have said goodbye.

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