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mate tea

without getting excited.

The power plant Mate

A drink. A health cocktail. A way of life.

Mate tea combines the positive properties of tea (antioxidants), chocolate (theobromine) and coffee (caffeine) in one drink.

Feel this relaxed, invigorating effect at home, at work and preferably with your friends.



With the Mate Cuia Set, the preparation of mate is child's play and the infusions can be excellently dosed. Try it.

A drink. A health cocktail. A way of life.

How to drink mate tea?

Mate will probably differ from all the drinks you've come across so far, in terms of taste and the way you drink mate. Traditionally, the yerba mate (mate leaves) is poured into a drinking container, called gourd, mate or cuía, filled with cold or hot water and drunk through a bombilla (mate drinking tube).

How does mate tea work?

· revitalizes
· wakes you up
· invigorates body and mind
· stimulates the metabolism
· strengthens the immune system and raises the level

Mate is a real power plant! The combination of valuable xanthines (including caffeine) and polyphenols, amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins keeps you awake for a long time, gives you energy and ensures holistic well-being.

Caámate Philosophie

Our philosophy.

We find ways to protect forests and use them in a way that they don't notice. We bind more CO² than we release and provide the mate community with first-class mate raw materials at fair prices for everyone.